Wahab meets Allah in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam(26 jan. 2008) there was a peaceful or peacefool protest from the dutch SIOE and some anti-protest from antifacists(AFA) and other dhimmi’s. To keap the peace the demonstration was stopped earlier and I took a look on the other(AFA) side. Their mascot were two muslima’s one with the faced covered and she could not speak dutch. The other with her face unmasked was a real nitwit. When I told her about imam Fawaz(working in the Netherlands) and his demand to support the muslimFIGHTERS in the Filipines she was angry because I called Fawaz one of her kind. And why not? He calls himself an imam not me! But Ok Fawaz must had his pleasure when Wahab Akbar was killed bij muslimfighters and I asked the walking tent that showed her face about her thoughts about the dead of Wahab Akbar(killed by people saying Allah Akbar). Allah Akbar was the only thing that came out of her mouth. I tried to explain that there are a lot of Akbars in the Filipines and Wahab was one of them. Wahab meets Allah again in Amsterdam, Wahab Akbar!


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