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moslympische spelen

september 29, 2008

Tegen de tijd dat de Olympische Spelen in 2012 in Londen aanvangen zal bovenstaande foto menig Londenaar niet verbazen. Enerzijds is het lastig als die spelen samenvallen met de ramadan anderzijds kan ik stellen dat de moslims tijdens de spelen riant de pot op kunnen, met om het af te maken toiletpapier in de vorm van een torarol. Eerlijk gezegd heb ik nooit stilgestaan bij de vraag of het zou mogen om je behoefte te doen terwijl je richting Mekka kijkt. Zal wel een mooie boel zijn met hoge nood in Mekka daar je daar overal richting Mekka kijkt en je bruine oog gluurt dan ook nog richting echte grond uit Mekka. Dus moet je de stad dus snel verlaten om je boodschap kwijt te kunnen. Het moet niet gekker worden zoals de moslympische wc’s laten spoelen met eerder genoemd Zamzam water, hoewel doelpalen in de vorm van een minaret wel tot de mogelijkheden moet kunnen alsmede een aanvallah om Muskens een pleziertje te doen. Zo te zien zal het hordelopen in Boerka dienen te geschieden, althans als het aan Sjeik Muhammad Munajid zal liggen. Gezien het feit dat er islamitische toiletten schijnen te bestaan lijkt het mij niet onwaarschijnlijk dat Allah Vogelaar alle dozen(op die grote in Mekka na) in de prachtwijken om laat bouwen tot islamitische schijtpaleisjes zodat we geen last krijgen van de Al Kaqsabrigades. Leve de moslympische spelen, aanvallah.

Bron van onderstaande foto :

The betrayal of the Katipunan revolution by Moro’s and Marxists.

september 22, 2008

This story has been written on request of a person from lebanon doing the english version of the weblog from the PVV(dutch).
After reading this story some wannarabs(wannabe arabs) might become angry but my wive is born in the Philippines and if you can convince me that I am wrong, let me know.

The independence of the Philippines is the work of the Katipunan movement based upon the written work of Jose Rizal . The so called Katipunan revolution made the Philippines what hey are now but people deny some parts of this revolution.

The Katipunan revolution in Mindanao .

In the Philippine Digest no 63 page 16 is referred to a forgotten Katipunan revolution in Mindanao.
Funny in this case is the fact that extreme left people in the Netherlands and also the Moro’s in Mindanao claim that during the Spanish occupation of Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines the Spanish hardly occupied Mindanao and for that reason Mindanao should get autonomy. Strange is the fact that Jose Rizal who is the founder of the Philippines has been in prison in Mindanao. A complete Spanish Gauntanamobay where prisoners are held is simply not true? No is the answer of Looney left in the Netherlands, the Spanish were on some coast places in Mindanao but the people of Mindanao could prevent the Spanish to colonize large parts of Mindanao. Mindanao in their eyes was even in those days in fact more or less independent from the rest of the Philippines. It is true that the Moro’s from Mindanao are different than other people in the Philippines cause they accepted the imprisonment of Rizal by the Spanish, on other islands they would have tried to free Rizal. Mindanao was save enough for the Spanish to hide Jose Rizal because the Moro’s of Mindanao were never revolutionary and not willing to help Rizal in his claim for independency for all of the Philippines. Not much to be proud of and no real reason to claim even autonomy from the Philippines but it has been promised by the government of the Philippines. The execution of Jose Rizal caused a revolution against the Spanish and whether the Moro’s like it or not there was also a Katipunan revolution on Mindanao. The Spanish who battled Muslim-armies in their own country before would not colonize Mindanao and not fight the Muslims? The Netherlands in the past was also a Spanish colony but we had a real hard time to fight them out of the Netherlands. If the Spanish were hardly active in Mindanao there would be no need to start a revolution against them and the Katipunan movement was not active in Mindanao.
But there was a revolution, the forgotten Katipunan revolution in September 29 1896.
“The calaganan Mutiny” is detailed in the letters of Vincente Elio Sanchez to the Manila-based Spanish newspaper La oceania Espanola and two other historical sources but never been linked to the “cry of Balintawak” led by Andres Bonifacio. One reason for this could be that Elio’s letters never got past Spanish censors anxious to douse the smoldering flames of revolution, which had started smoking in Luzon. The mutiny broke out in September 29, 1986 among the so-called Disiciplinarios or conscripts consisting mostly of convicts from Luzon who were pressed into battle against the Moro’s in Lanao. This shows by the way that the Spanish were in Mindanao and that they colonized Mindanao. The statement of the Moro’s that they lived their own live even in the Spanish time is hereby a proven lie and the Socialist Party in the Netherlands who beliefs in this statement as an argument for giving autonomy in Mindanao is not only historically lying but is also denying a complete socialist revolution. How far dhimmitude can go. To deny a revolution that is reasonable socialistic in order to start another revolution in Mindanao. But let’s go further with this almost forgotten and in fact denied Katipunan revolution that could not occur if the Spanish did not fight the Moro’s in Mindanao. The Katipunan revolution in Mindanao raised the Spanish armoury in Fort Nueva Victoria in Kalaganan (present day: Balo-I, Lanao del Norte) and proceeded to Cagayan to attack the town. On the way, the ransacked convents and homes of Spanish pensinsulars in Manticao, Naawan, Initao, Alubijid, and El Savador, Molugan, and Opol. Having a convent involved in this mutiny you can ask to yourself if the Spanish did not colonize Mindanao as loony left claims in the Netherlands and of course the Moro’s in Mindanao. However, joined force of Spanish soldiers and Filipino Voluntarios (including Don Apolinar Velez of Cagayan de Misamis) repulsed them in Sta. Ana, Tagaloan.
From Cagayan, they proceeded to Bukidnon where they were joined by a band of natives. They next attacked Balingasag, and raided the outpost of Gingoog on January 1897. By that time, news of Rizal’s execution had reached Cagayan and Misamis, and this further fanned the flames of the local Katipuneros. It took the Spanish gunboat Mariveles, recalled from the Tercio Districto de Surigao, to subdue the resistance.
What appears to be remarkable about this particular mutiny in fact denied by the Moro’s and their friends is that besides happening barely a month after the Kapitunan revolt in Luzon, there appears to be a direct link between it and the and the Katipunan revolt through a courier sent to Illigan (Mindanao) with the object purpose of inciting the mutiny (Ruiz de Santa Ealalia, 1925).
Another version from the Jesuit historian Pastells contents that some of the Katipuneros captured from the Manila outbreak were deported to Illigan and it was the same group which instigated the revolt in Mindanao.Still another link was Pio Valenzuela, who was sent by Andres Bonifacio to see Jose Rizal in Dapitan and convince him to support and instigate a similar revolt in Mindanao. It also proves that the revolution in Mindanao was organized was in fact the work of the Katipunan organisation to create an independent Philippines that would be undivided. Sorry to say so but the Katipunan organisation did not get much help from the Moro’s from Mindanao. Most rebellions in Mindanao were Christians and they tried to help the Moro’s in fighting the Spanish in Mindanao who were there, without any doubt using Mindanao as a colony.
After the Spanish occupation the Americans took over the Philippines and the Moro’s wanted to become independent from the rest of the Philippines although the Katipunan revolution also took place in Mindanao. There was again a battle in Mindanao were the Moro’s were defeated, this time by the USA. This battle is known and can be found on the Internet. After that the Philippines became an independent country the call for independence for Mindanao was weak until some 35 years ago and now we face the modern history of the “freedomfighters” of Mindanao where also the Dutch political organisations are involved and also a mosque in the Netherlands (the As Soennah mosque from Imam Fawaz).

The unholy war in Mindanao .
-The NPA
During the dictatorship of Marcos a so-called revolutionary force was born again also operating in Mindanao in fact all over the Philippines. The name of this Maoist organisation is the NPA or New Peoples Army. They killed in Digos (Mindanao) about 40 people; most of them were women and children. The leader of the NPA is/was Joma Sison, living in the Netherlands also accused of ordering the killing of 2 ex-NPA members in the Philippines. He is still suspected but there is not much proof and ordering a killing is difficult to proof. The NPA and or Sison are supported by the Dutch NCPN and some left organisations that still belief in Mao. One of them is the NEFISO that stated in English “Armed revolution, and no civil elections is the answer to the deepening of the crisis of the nation”. The leader of the NEFISO Theo Droog is a good friend of Anja Meulenbelt (Socialist party in the Netherlands) and and a puppet from Sison and appears on her weblog . See here the involvement of the Digos-killers through Anja Meulenbelt. The funny thing with Meulenbelt is the fact that this bimbo uses all her forces to accuse the government of the Philippines with whatever she can lay her hands on and sometimes using the words of Walden Bello(a pinoy Trostkist) and sometimes the words of Sison/NPA. If Meulenbelt did her homework she would find out that Bello is on the hitlist of the NPA . Not only Muslims kill their own people, communist do the same. I will point to the SP later again but the involvement has been proven.
-The Abu Sayyaf
The NPA is as good as dead but other rebellions took over their killing job in Mindanao but this time it is a Muslim organisation called the Abu Sayyaf active in Mindanao. Abu is a man or the monkey from Aladdin and Sayyaf means a sword. So Abu Sayyaf means the monkey with the sword or the swordfighter, it is up to you. Abu Sayyaf is an organisation that is linked to Al Qaeda and also linked to the Jemaah Islamiyah. In the past the Abu Sayyaf got help from Al Qaeda and had its training in Afghanistan. Due to operations in Afghanistan there is no more assistance from Al Qaeda but the Jemaah Islamiyah took over the job from them. The purpose of Abu Sayyaf is to combine Mindanao, Indonesia, Malaysia, and a part of Thailand into one king-size Muslim state. When Imam Fawaz asked in his mosque in the Netherlands to support the Muslim FIGHTERS in the Philippines he said in fact support the Abu Sayyaf. Because with another Muslim organisation known as the MILF (see later) there was already almost a peace agreement. Fawaz has been banned in another Muslim country for spreading hate in his speeches but continues to do so in the Netherlands. For peace sake this imam should be banned from this country but due to our saloonsocialists he is still allowed to preach the jihad or jihate. Although this takfir-lover doesn’t speak Dutch after more than 10 years he got a Dutch passport. Imam Fawaz is the connection between terrorists in Mindanao and the Netherlands. The civil war in Mindanao is for him a holy war but in this case it is an unholy war.
The last organisation in Mindanao is the MILF or Moro Islamic Liberation Front although MILF can also mean Mother I Like to Fuck in the USA. The MILF wants autonomy for Mindanao and the government from the Philippines does not mind because they are fed up with fighting. The MILF claims that Mindanao even in Spanish times was more or less independent and the citizens of Mindanao could hold the Spanish more or less outside of Mindanao. It is a lie as you might understand by now but most of the Dutch left organisations in this country believe their lies and support this organisation. One of them is Leny Janssen of the Dutch SP, the same organisation of Anja Meulenbelt. In Mindanao the Spanish never got foot on the ground, is been told by Paulo Sanguila, a sixty year old muslim after a few days according Janssen. Also from Sanguila : They have to respect our religion and traditions in the Moro-areas and they want Islamite laws. The MILF demands independency, so we self form our lives in political, economical en cultural way. So the SP is involved in the NPA and the MILF and accuses the government of the Philippines of the murders in the Philippines that occurred by a large amount of the members from the Baya Muna organisation (people first party). On the other hand the SP does not want to talk about the killings in Digos by the NPA and can not proof that the government is behind the killings of people of the Baya Muna. The killing of Baya Muna people can be done by followers of he old dictator Marcos or by the followers of the old corrupt president Estrada, both put out of function by a rebellion of the people of the Philippines. These revolutions by peoples force are done without help and or support by the NPA or Abu Sayyaf or MILF. Also strange is the fact that those people keep their mouth shut about the murder on Wahab Akbar .It is clear that Marxists and Maoists in this country are not happy about the fact that they did not get a change during the revolution against Marcos and Estrada and now seeking a third change by preaching hate and lies in the hart of the Muslims in Mindanao. They deny the forgotten Katipunan revolution in Mindanao although it was a real social event they could have used in their propaganda. But if the Marxists Maoists and or Trotsky-fans recognize the Katipunan revolution in Mindanao as an integrated part of the Katipunan revolution in all of the Philippines they also have to recognize the fact that Spain ruled Mindanao and the fact that the government of the Philippines is the result of the Katipunan revolution including Mindanao. In fact leftist organisations betray the the thoughts of Jose Rizal and his revolution.


september 17, 2008


Hierboven ziet U een dame van de SP met een hoedje waarbij ik eerst dacht dat er een klein Macaca sylvanus of Macaca sylvana op zat, het bleek een nerts te zijn.

Prinsjesdag is niet meer wat het is geweest daar we vroeger konden doen of we van de prins van geen kwaad wisten. Na Fitna liggen de zaken helaas anders daar dit land het meest gewilde object is geworden voor aanslagen. Zelfs het spannen van geiten ipv paarden voor de gouden koets zal de onrust niet doen wegnemen. Nu zelfs ambulances en bussen voorzien worden van een camera moeten de winnaars van de gouden camera hun prijs inleveren daar een camera plaatsen op de gouden koets uiterraard in stijl en vooral onopvallend zal moeten gebeuren. De camera zal trouwens uiterst voorzichtig de berberapen(Macaca sylvanus of Macaca sylvana) moeten observeren, gelijk bokito dus niet recht in de ogen kijken. Een gouden tank zoals Wilders dat waarschijnlijk wel zou willen hoort helaas niet tot de opties daar die gelijk wegzakt in de metro ook bekend als de tramtanic. Gezien de voorkeur voor grotten bij Osama zal de tramtanic wel schoongeveegd dienen te worden eer de gouden koets kan beginnen met zijn rit, ouderwets de zooi onder water zetten behoort ook tot de mogelijkheden daar sinds Gouda ons al bekend is dat openbaar vervoer gewoonweg niet kan vanwege problemen met onze berberaapjes. Of we trouwens ook nog gelazer krijgen met allerlei andere dierenclubjes krijgen weet ik niet.De koets wordt getrokken door paarden, de koets blij dat hij eindelijk eens getrokken wordt maar dierensex is nou eenmaal verboden(trekgeiten uitgezonderd?). Hoe dan ook, we kunnen uiteraard niet meer zeggen dat we van de prins geen kwaad weten, een beetje geit/meid is op haar toekomst voorbereid.

De beschouwing van vandaag leek veel op borrelpraat, maar een schouw of toog hoort thuis in de kroeg dus slap gelul hoort wel bij een beschouwing of betoog. Toen Wilders er wat blerbers erbij haalde werd Pechthold uiteraard link maar vraag mij af wat die mafketel gedaan zou hebben toen hij nog burgemeester was in Ede met de huidige problemen aldaar. Vermoedelijk evenveel als de burgemeester van Gouda want die deed ook geen ruk behalve stevig ontkennen.

De ambulancelot onder vuur

september 9, 2008

Vroeger was ambulancepersoneel een soort ridder met een heilige koe, een ambulancelot.

Helaas is er tegenwoordig naast normen en waarden ook schorem met baarden en kregen de ambulancelots de volle laag omdat een soortgenoot naar Allah aan het gaan was. Het kan ook zijn dat de familie van het slachtoffer teleurgesteld was omdat er geen raket(voor de eerwraak) in de ambulance lag zoals in Palestina vertoond. Een ambulancelot is uiteraard geen ambulaunch-a-lot dat was even wennen. Zo te zien is er naast een islamitische ambulance ook behoefte aan het islamitische ziekenhuis zie dit akkefietje of dit akkefietje of dit akkefietje of dit akkefietje en uiteraard de thuiszorg. Ik vraag mij af wie er zieker is, de patient of de aanhang.

Lompe Proletariaat

september 2, 2008

Ooit was er een mafketel die stelde dat de rijken rijker zouden worden en de armen armer totdat de tot lompenproletariaat gedegradeerde burger over ging tot de dictatuur van het proletariaat. In dit land ging dit feest niet door omdat er vakbonden kwamen en democratie. We hebben hier amper een lompenproletariaat, wel een klompenproletariaat. De dictatuur van de junk lijkt mij een nachtmerrie, maar het is wel lompenproletariaat. De lopende tenten met baard of gezichtsbedekking is lomp en proletariaat en wellicht dat men “lomp en proletariaat” en “lompenproletariaat” door elkaar haalt. Neem nou de russen, nummer 1 met stip op een internationale lijst wat betreft landen met lompe toeristen. De dictatuur van het lompenproletariat is lomp en van het proletariaat zoals te zien geweest via een beveiligingscamera in Georgie, de russen zag je een bank beroven van PC’s etc. Ooit was er in het arbeidersparadijs Rusland een soort van vakbondsconflict toen Lenin nog leefde. Het betrof de bond van boze boerenzonen die in Kronsjtad eisde van Lenin en co dat hun vaders een normale prijs zouden krijgen opdat er geen honger geleden zou worden door hun ouders. De bond van boze boerenzonen is vrijwel uitgeroeid door SchaamTrotsky, met uitzondering van wat boze boerenzonen die naar Finland konden vluchten. Zoals U ziet zijn onafhankelijke vakbonden een doorn in het oog van revolutiefetishisten, de armen moeten wel armer worden om de lompen te laten regeren. Vergeet niet dat comrade Mugabe als revolutionair een hekel heeft aan vakbonden. Leve het lompe proletariaat.