Fuck the asians

Sam is born in Pakistan but lives in the UK. His english is very poor but why should he learn english. The UK should become a muslimcountry and you should hate the the people in the UK at least the ones who aren’t muslim as you can see in the next video from the UK.

In the video you can see why Sam doesn’t want to learn english or why he doesn’t want to understand the reasonable and tolerant people from the UK. Even the police in the UK did not do anything when they saw this video. Ok they complained about the people who made the video but they could not proof their complaints against the makers of the video. After getting such a bad image from the country where Sam lives (the UK) , Sam sends his son to Pakistan to a madrasah where you can learn to hate the west and learn the Islam seen through the eyes of a wahabist. Because his son needs to live, Sam needs to send money to Pakistan. Sam goes to a bank in the UK and he wants to transfer some money to Pakistan and it went ok. The last time Sam tried to transfer money to Pakistan something went wrong. Sam came in and wanted to transfer the same amount of UK money but he got this time a little bit less Pakistani money transferred to his son. He almost exploded and asked in a very angry way why he got less Pakistani rupee(PKR) although he tried to transfer the same amount of money in British Pound (GBP). The man in the bank replied with one word, fluctuations. Sam was pissed off and turned towards the door saying, what fuck the asians. Sam went to an organization for equal rights to complain. Of course banks are having a bad image so when the complaint reached the bank someone was sacked for telling the truth because Sam did not want to hear the truth but only what he wants to hear as they learned him in his mosque.

Bush sad very clear that he did not want war with the Islam. Obama sad he did not want war with the Islam. But Sam wants the war. He is angry because he heard “Fuck the asians” like the equal rights organizations. That is also the reason why I wrote this story in english although i live in the Netherlands. We in the Netherlands also have a mosque here and there where they spread the Jihad. Like imam Fawaz of the “Dutch” As Soennah mosque who claimed that we should support the muslimfighters in the Philippines. If you think that this mosque should close his doors you are wrong. I saw “Dutch” politicians on his website trying to appeace where Fawaz should be blamed for his dirty speeches. Fuck Fawaz, not the asians. Don’t fuck Sam but give him education and force him to integrate if he can. If Sam does not want to have normal education he should be send back to Pakistan so the imam can fuck him overthere. Just like his son already got fucked up in his Madrasah.


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